Q. Do you paint both sides of the door?

A. Yes, all sides and edges are painted. Our process is to sand both sides first, then spray primer/sealer, sand again, and then apply our beautiful, environmentally friendly paint products. All our products are “satin” finish.

Q. Will you meet me at my home?

A. All consultations are held at our finishing facility. For the initial consultation, please send us as many photos of your existing kitchen cabinets as you can.

Q. Are weekend and evening appointments available?

A. No. We are open weekdays and Saturdays by appointment. Just call or email us to reserve a booking.

Q. Do I buy my own paint?

A. Paint Magic purchases and will supply all materials needed.

Q. How long does it take?

A. Two (2) weeks is the average time for completion.

Q. Can I use my kitchen during the project?

A. Yes!

Q. How do I get on the Paint Magic schedule?

A. We require a booking deposit and 50% to commence a project. The remaining balance is due upon completion.

Q. Do you paint furniture?

A. Unfortunately, we do not paint furniture.